Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Contribution and limitation of social media

Is it possible relation technology such as Facebook, Tweeter improve relation itself among people? The success of social media depends upon the pattern, quality and extent to relations involving on people. With some respects, this question is related to how technology affects the social relations in real world. Some people criticize the perspective of ‘technological determinism’ in that technology itself was characterized as neutral over the society. Rather, social tension or pressure has an inclination to make people demand or support the development of new technology. In this sense, social media definitely is likely to be a main source to reach productive vendor of social relations.

However, there are some assumptions on dealing with new social media for sustainable successful instrument in the near future, invented by people that want to get the positive relations. Unlike the traditional media whose attributes is oriented to deliver intention of one side unilaterally, social media can function effective tools for communication with others as two-way channels. Another point of cons and pros over social media is related to the fact that social media was consumed through the information derived from it.

Good information was made from good relations with people. Social media have greatly contributed to sound development of society and facilitated the exchange of information.
We need to pay attention to the aftermath of misuse in social media. In recent survey conducted by expert on the big data, the core or hub of information, coming and going to many sources of other data, was limited to a few people. Thus, we need to note how to keep the quality of information appropriate to society.

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  1. I agree with the concern and the question raised by Sanggwang Kim-The real issue is ,we must use this devise wisely-Nothing can add the maturity and warmth in a person which are basic needs of any relations-in broad sence,genuin feeling can not be depending up on how much "LIKE'i got from others-so these are the tools which may help us to be in touch,it can and should not be seen beyond it....I think,,