Monday, April 22, 2013

Social media usage in the Middle East

– Arab region has close to 2.1 million active Twitter users tweeting almost 4,000 tweets a minute.
– By the end of June 2012, Facebook users in the Arab world had reached 45.4 million, marking an annual increase of 50% and tripling since June 2010.
– Twitter has reportedly registered over two million active users, while LinkedIn has four million Arab users in June.
– In March 2012, active Arab Twitter users generated over 172 million tweets in Arabic and English, using tweets that contained the hashtags ‘Bahrain’ and ‘Syria’.
– One in four Arab Facebook users come from Egypt, while Saudi Arabia and the UAE make up 80% of users in the Gulf region.
– Saudis are the fastest growing group on the social networking website Twitter with an increase of 3,000%.

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  1. Do you think the Arab Spring would have happened without the intervention of social media?