Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sometimes Social Media can lead the misunderstanding.

Mistakes on social media make Czech ambassador state: Czech Republic is not Chechnya
By Associated PressPublished: April 20
PRAGUE — A number of comments by Americans on social media mistaking the Czech Republic for the country of origin of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects— ethnic Chechen brothers — prompted the Czech ambassador to the United States to act.
In a statement posted on the embassy Web site, Petr Gandalovic said “the Czech Republic and Chechnya are two very different entities — the Czech Republic is a Central European country; Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation.”
Gandalovic calls it “a most unfortunate misunderstanding,” but some responses on Twitter are less diplomatic.
Mirca Sekerova recommends Americans “open a geography book once in a while...stop blaming our country for this.”

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