Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Korea starts new governance platform with ‘Government 3.0’ : basic concept

Recently, Korea government announced new paradigm for government operation for the new presidency: Government 3.0. The keywords of this presidential initiative are collaboration, communication, and open public information. I introduce concept of Government 3.0 and implementation methods, especially specific cases based on social media strategy and utilization that I have studied in class. 

Government 3.0 concept supports creative economy in national levels through collaboration and mutual communication among ministries and local governments, elsewhere Non-Governmental Organizations. That is to say, each public organization open the data or public material they have for the purpose of enhancing public service, to private sector, companies, and citizen. For these goals, Korea government prepares fundamental basis of law, Public Information Open act.

The biggest obstacle to open public data or information to the public includes barrier among government institution. This barrier discourages public service to be delivered with discontinuity. Thus, Government 3.0 frame can be alternative to deal with the obstacles of disconnected administration and inefficient public service. For example, National Statistical Office announces newly fused information based on spatial data and financial communication data, will be open to the private sector. The private companies or participatory citizen can make more effective analytic system of commercial information that helps to gather or offer customer needs data. 

The fundamental problem is that for public information is not shared easily among public organizations. In fact, many public institutions have not opened or shared the public data they produce. This phenomenon lies in part in insufficient legal system and institutional deficiency of past act. For instance, National Tax service denies the tax information based on the basic law for national tax.

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