Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Free Wireless project in Tbilisi - "Tbilisi Loves You"

Map of Tbilisi

Your class case  “Wireless Philadelphia” reminded me about one project in Georgia, in particular in Tbilisi and I’d like to share this experience, of course I don’t have so much information as  we have in this case, but i think this it will be interesting for you.

In 2012 based on Tbilisi City Hall  decision has started ambition program – free WiFi Internet access in public spaces (the streets, squares, higher educational institutions, cars, buses and the subway). The project aimed freedom of communication; increase Internet literacy and access to information for both local residents and tourists.
For free Internet access it was enough to find a network, entitled “Tbilisi Loves You” and enter it without any restrictions.
 It should be mention that Wireless Internet was not designed for sending big files; customer was only able to check emails and social networks.
Some words about free wireless technical specifications: 
Wi-Fi was providing by  a special tool "Access Point".
The total maximum speed of wireless was 120 Mbps;
Each "Access Point" could cover  from 300 to 500 M/Ds;
  2 500 "Access Point" were  placed throughout the city;
 One person was able to use wireless with  speed 1-4 Mbps. 
From one Access Point at the same time could use WiFi up to 30 people.

Problems: security, low speed, limited number of costumer.

P.S. I don't know how does this project work now, or if it is still works, or who is paying for this service (unfortunately i couldn't font any official information from any government website) but I'm happy that it was GoG's one more attempt regarding Digital Government.

More information about other projects, which was implemented by Tbilisi City Hall you can access on http://georgiaabout.com

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