Friday, September 26, 2014

Democracy is an Opportunity of Development

If the government is established based on the value of “democracy” it means that there are a lot of controversial argues and disputes regarding its obligations towards equality, rights protection and restrictions for the sake of moral and ethical principles and security issues.

What is the main principle of democracy? I would argue, that the main principle or purpose is to frame policy, which is equally acceptable for everybody.

Another question arise, does it possible or realistic to find common values and/or common understand regarding issues, which are equally acceptable or respected for everybody? When these argue arise it means that we as a society are separated into two main groups: “majority” and “minority”.

And another question appears after, should Democratic government be guided only by majority’s values, and especially when it causes discrimination of minorities. Hence, every government faces problem of “choice”, but democracy requires: prudency, argumentations and value’s explanations regarding “choice”. Thus any decision of government is ruled by “choice”.

Democratic government has two main functions: set restrictions and ensure freedom (for the sake of “rule of law”). Considering above said, one’s restriction means freedom for other, and VS one’s freedom means restriction for other.

Democracy avenue is an area where “values” and “responsibilities” are competitors. Society has sense of competition itself, when  “traditional values” (stereotypes and stigma) and  “modern values” (liberty and equality) aren’t harmonized.

Society is on the way of modernization of values towards the democracy requirements, thus democracy government should have continuous effort of stimulation and building “modern values” based on principle of rule of law without discrimination of personal liberty and equality. On the other hand, government has decision-making responsibility, if governor’s decision is mistaken society neglects authority, thus democracy is ruled by majorities’ values and prudent public opinion.

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