Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Health System Strengthening Project in Georgia - USAID

 Information technology is an increasingly important part of highly effective health systems. For example, IT enables physicians and patients to communicate more quickly and from longer distances, allows consumers to be more informed about their health care options, and helps health managers to monitor services more efficiently.
Because of above mentioned, the Government of Georgia has started a country wide health care information system, with support of USAID, this system will support the Citizens of Georgia, State of Georgia and the Health care industry. Success in this endeavor will be measured in: 

  •  Increased efficiency
  •    Increased governmental oversight of state subsidized programs

  •   Increased transparency of healthcare financing and reduction of fraudulent claims
  • Standardized and Institutionalize business processes and increase service quality
  •   Improved quality of healthcare data allowing benchmarking against international statistics
  •   Increased access to healthcare and insurance information to patients

  • Creating effective tools for decision and policy making.
“Health System Strengthening Project (HSSP) is a five-year project that began in 2009. The project is expanding the capacity of health insurers, improving the quality of health care providers, and strengthening the capacity of the government of Georgia to guide and monitor health reform. The Healthcare and Pharmacy Network Information Portal is just one of many Health Management Information System (HMIS) components developed by the project. “

Under the HSSP “Health Mediation Service” developed health mediation software, which is a flexible tool for effective automation and regulation of business processes performed by the Health Mediation Service serving as a mediator for parties involved in insurance plans. It enables insurance stakeholders to fulfill commitments and solve problems in a timely manner. 
Key benefits of the module: 
  • Improved efficiency and information accuracy through a central register of 
cases using common standards (using government civil service and social service agency for person’s identification and insurance status);
  •  Simplified central management and administration of applications;
  • simplified mediator’s every day work;
  • More flexible revision system and tracking of statistical data;
  • Improved decision support and policymaking through accurate reports on 
medical disputes.

I think this is the most successful project through my working life, I was working for Health Mediation Service, when this project has started, and from Health mediation service I was responsible  for  business plan preparation, implementation and management of this program.
After a year from program implementation Health mediation service prepared one year report for the Ministry of Health. For report we used data from Health mediation program, which allowed us to analyze problems related Government health insurance countrywide and make policy recommendations.

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