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Discover Georgia

Discover Georgia

Area – 69,700 sq. km
Boarders: Southeast - Azerbaijan, Southwest - Turkey, North - Russia, South - Armenia.  
Geography: mountain ranges and hills comprise 80% of Georgian territory. 
Capital - Tbilisi 

History - In the 4th century B.C. King Parnavaz I established the first eastern Georgian state - the Kingdom of Kartli. Georgian historical chronicles date the creation of the Georgian alphabet back to King Pharnavaz I's reign. Christianity first reached Georgia in the 1st century A.D. in approximately 330 AD St. Nino of Cappadocia came to Georgia in order to spread Christianity.
Recent History Georgia was one of the first Soviet republics to take steps towards independence. This process was accelerated by the events of 9 April 1989, when Soviet Soldiers brutally crushed a peaceful rally in Tbilisi, killing 21 protestors.  Currently 20% of territory of Georgia is occupied by Russian Federation.
Nona Giunasvili, the winner of the TV show "Talent of Georgia" provided very sensitive vision of August war.

Culture - Visit National  Museum web site

Georgian Dance - Racha is a region where my roots are coming from.
House of Family name Lebanidze

and my favorite dance "Rachuli" 

Georgia as a  Cradle of Wine -

note: unfortunately I can't upload video due to some technical reasons

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Welcome to Georgia

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