Friday, January 23, 2015

Why should a monopolistic government organization use Social Media?.........

Dear Matt McReynolds, I think is that the purpose of the social media for the government is information sharing and getting the views of the citizens on various developmental aspects, policies, programs etc. It is not a question of the competition. Even in case of substitute service provider, by and large government’s objective is not to compete with the private service provider. However, it definitely tries to improve its service. I fully appreciate your view regarding risks of sharing information on social media. My advice would be as a government department/service provider you should exercise caution ‘as to what extent’ you should share the information on social media. You have to strike a balance. Further, I am of the opinion that all the government policies, programs, schemes etc. is for the citizens of the country and not for anybody else, therefore, govt. must share as much information as possible to the public subject to the condition that it do not compromise security and sovereignty of the nation. Further, I feel most of the services provided by the government is belong to social sector. Information sharing on social media by and large has no risk except in case of defence, security, intelligence etc. Social Media information sharing has become reality of life. 15 years ago when I see a person with mobile phone in hand I used to think they might be carrying it for show off. What purpose it will solve? But now everybody is using mobile phone and you would feel incomplete without it.  Gradually more useful services have been added to it gone far ahead from talking device. To summarize my argument, I would recommend use and promote social media in everyday life. If you are in an organisation, particularly in government, use with caution.

Neeraj Srivastava

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