Thursday, January 22, 2015


Thank you. Finally I am in. It took another 48 hours to come in.
Incidentally it has been quite a journey for me to get into Syracuse University. It all started with getting myself nominated into this course, the CAS Public Policy. When I applied and filled out the forms, I was told that the application cannot be connected by the processing Division. When I explained the course of my form and the path it had taken, the said Division replied in the negative and asked me to fill out another application. When that was done, the Division suddenly found my old form and set the ball into motion.
As things turned out, it became apparent that my own Department had yet not confirmed the approval of my case, and that had to be done on the day of this discovery as it was the last day. With great difficulty, I convinced the Sectional Officials to move my case for necessary approvals. I had to personally monitor the file movement and by 6 PM in the evening I was cleared by the top management. Now the problem was to put it across to the processing Division by going on to their website. When we starting doing that, to my great horror, we realized that the network is down and the local network engineers had taken a maintenance block for the next one hour. After an agonising sixty minutes, we filled in online, but the acknowledgement wouldn't come. since it was already past six, that is the office closing hour. I now made a frantic search for the officials over there, but no one answered the calls. Next I tried sending them emails, but all in vain. I was almost over and done, when one of my colleagues barged into my room with another file for discussion. Looking at my hassled state he asked as to what was the matter. I narrated my woes, and he smirked. I was nonplussed at his nonchalance, and stared him in the eye. He laughed and told me that he had the answer to my problem as he knew th concerned Officer in that Division. He was quickly contacted on the cell phone, and some more calls followed, and yet more more officials were roped in. The silver lining in this was that the concerned dealing clerk was still in office, and he finally was made to go to his desk and open up the system and acknowledge my application before the deadline. I had just managed to cling on.
The next battle ensued in the Embassy wherein the VISA application got rejected as the finger prints had not matched. It was already 6th of January and I had alraedy requested the airlines to reschedule my flight. But the VISA took another three days, and the flight had to be agian rescheduled. I had alraedy missed the orientation, and was now hoping to atleast attend the first lecture. But no sir, the first flight was available only for the 12th of January. I just managed to cling on.
When I reached here in Syracuse University , i was told that I cannot log in for registration as I had not yet matriculated. Now I was as mad as a hatter and ran like a frenzied bull in a China shopping arcade.The fact that it was my first day and I hardly anybody made matters worse. And then the weather was taking its own toll on  me. As I ran up and down trying to figure between Maxwell and Eggers, I realized that the time was already 3PM and I had to do something more. Somehow, Lady Luck took pity on me and I found the Universty official who had been in correspondence with me through email.
Finally, it took me another 48 hours to get in, much the same as here into this blogspot site.
Thanks Ateesh

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