Thursday, January 22, 2015

india's online revolution


India’s online revolution is on the edge of an exciting phase. At the turn of the century, the country had only 5 million Internet users, largely on dial-up connections delivered through fixed-line networks. In 2009, Internet use took off as mobile penetration grew and companies began to invest in data networks. By 2013, mobile Internet had overtaken fixed line, and mobile devices had become the sole access device for many people. Today, 230 million Indians are online, with 155 million of them using mobile devices.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As a research study : In the next three years, India will see another mobile explosion as the online community more than doubles to 480 million. By 2017, 385 million people will have smartphones, six times more than today, and the number of online transactors will explode to 160 million—eight times as many as today. Data consumption will triple, and consumers will be buying five times as much content. This transformation will happen at an unprecedented pace.

            This e revolution will bring  empowerment , equity and efficiency of citizen for citizen and this will transform the peoples life. This revolution will enhance service delivery and programme implementation and monitoring


  1. This e-revolution will not be complete without participation of Government. Though Government Ministries and Departments have increased their presence on social media and improved the contents of their websites in big way but it is still not enough. Lets hope that Government will impart more information and provide more services through e-way to bring about the complete e-revolution.

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