Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ayojak- Case discussion

Hi all

It was very interesting to note that feedback received from the event holder group were on the same line as anticipated by our group. This prove two things, first we are learning the right thing and secondly, we are learning very quickly. Any way we are grateful to all our colleagues for extending the support in our endeavor.

One interesting fact which could not be deliberated much about the peculiarity of the ayojak with regard to 'e-ticketing' service. This unique service feature ,in fact, could be easily enacted by the company in promoting its brand by associating itself with the environmental cause. The 'save tree' motive could be utilized by the company to garner the emotional support of the clients and public at large.  It would really amazing feature ,if the company would be able to attach them-self with the people emotionally which is a social dimension of the networking. The social networking with the help of technology would be lively if any emotional flavor are added thereof.

Looking forward for your comments, please.

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