Monday, February 3, 2014


An interesting story published on the internet by MSN talking about the Presidents initiative to connect over 20 million students via high speed internet.  If you have children in school, they will probably tell you they have internet access but that it very slow.  This initiative will partner with private sources to upgrade and enhance the internet speed so that these children can continue to compete with the rest of the world.

As a Syracuse University student, I just assume that my internet access is the as good as its going to get and to be honest it has been pretty reliable and quick.  But what about the rural schools where the access is probably not as good due to a lack of resources.  I can see how those schools and educators could provide a much more lively experience if they had the same access that I have here in NY.  the story mentions the ability to compete against other countries?  I am not a technology genius but I thought this country has some pretty good "stuff".   The more we dig into this technology subject, the more I tend to shake my head and wonder why we are not the leaders or near the top of the leader board.  At the very least it is encouraging to see these issues being addressed and with the help of private funding sources.  Maybe it is something all the politicians can agree upon.

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