Monday, February 3, 2014

North Korea Project “Bright”

  Wary NKorea struggles to stay afloat in info ageIn exact opposition to almost every topic of discussion in our Digital Government class, Kim Jong-um and his party maintain state control of the Internet.  What’s the best way to control your people?  Control the flow of information.

In an effort to “protect” North Koreans from the corruption of the World Wide Web, a decade-old program called Kwangmyong, or Bright, allows users access to an Intranet that offers access to government approved information.  North Korea leaders acknowledge the requirement to access information in order to evolve in the global economy, but fear that mass access to the web could corrupt their way of life. 

While we struggle with developing innovative ways to deliver mass information to a small percentage of Americans, Kim Jong-um struggles to accomplish the opposite. 


Original story and photo courtesy of Eric Talmadge, American Press.

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