Friday, February 14, 2014

EU wants transparency over internet control

An interesting article about the European Union and their demand that the US government provide more transparency over control of the internet.  We've been talking about the US Government wanting to provide transparency in government to the citizens.  Although this is slightly different, transparency for this type of an issue seems a reasonable request from someone who has only read this one article. I pretty sure the non-techie crowd was unaware that our government was even involved with any type of influence over the internet.  This is more fallout over the Eric Snowden issue and the revelation that the US Government has been involved in monitoring foreign dignitary traffic. 

I know very little about who owns or controls the actual internet but apparently our government has some significant influence over new domain addresses.  As a Comptroller, I want to know who is paying this bill and as a taxpayer, how much is this costing but as a citizen, this seems to be something with a simple fix.  Some simple rules so that other nations can actively participate in the process and the EU seems like a good place to start.  These are friends that I suspect many people think we owe some signs of trust ever since the "Snowden" event.  We might even be able to get some cost-sharing out of it (Comptroller mentality) and save this country some money.  If this shoe was on the other foot, our country would be asking for the same transparency.

Here is the link.  Take a look and see what you think.

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