Wednesday, October 31, 2012


At the doors of the next presidential election, Obama and Romney have taken different strategies to face Hurricane Sandy. While Obama decided to suspend all political campaign activities during this time, Romney, and his vice-presidential candidate decided to raise funds for Ohio victims, which seems like a strategy to get the few votes that according with the pulls they need to win the election.

In the event that “Sandy” causes extraordinary damage, the election date could hypothetically be delayed, especially in the states with more difficulties: New York and New Jersey. FEMA suggested this possibility yesterday through its administrator Craig Fugate, but he specified that political authorities will make the final decision. Federal officials said that each state has to decide because it looks like a “absence of the law”

According to the law, the elections have to be held the first Tuesday of November, and in the whole United States’ history, there has never been any exception. In Spanish we have a good knowing phrase about the political arena which translates into “you can bake the snow” which means that according with determined interests all the procedures could change. We have to see during this final week how this external factor could change the approach of each campaign, and how they will manage the possibility of delaying the vote in some states.

Like in a suspense movie, the entire world is paying attention to this presidential election, and how these unexpected events could finally determine the results, to understand how strong are the procedures in USA democracy.

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