Tuesday, October 2, 2012


     A new social media monitoring program Attentive.lu was launched on 25 September 2012, trying to create for businesses, political campaigns and non-profits a new way to optimize their email lists by discovering what their subscribers are doing in social media network.  
     The tendency of the last years is showing us that companies can no longer depend only on email for online communications. By monitoring, analyzing and tracking online presence and activity across social media channels of current email subscribers, new tool will help companies create a more effective strategy to inform, engage and use their subscribers in new ways. Attentive.ly CEO Lemieux said that the program will fill an information gap social space by providing not only users' social profiles, but also their Twitter and Facebook activity and content. It'll offer possibility to know what email subscribers were saying online by trending topics and  hashtags.
    Despite the fact that over the past years  non-profit and political campaigns confidently gaining power on the internet, their ability to motivate supporters  on participation in variety events has declined because email became less effective in recent time. The program gives the possibility to find out what your followers are saying on social media, what the topics trending among them, as a result, it creates the ability to mobilize and engage supporters and volunteers more efficiently.
   At this time the service is working just with data from Twitter and Facebook. In the future Lemieux company has  plans to add more social networks. Lemiex explained:" You can find people talking about a specific topic, export that list, such as all my users who tweeted about climate, and send them a message like, ' We're launching a new climate campaign, can you tweet about it?".

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