Monday, October 29, 2012

Last 100 meters

           So, a few days left until the moment when America and the world will know the name of the new president of the United States. By the final months of fighting, although in fact it went all four years during the Obama stay in the White House,  the obvious recent advantage of the current president, melted before our eyes. The contenders for the top office came to the final phase, what is called, neck and neck. This is confirmed by the results of various polls  conducted after the last presidential debate, which took place on Monday, October 22 at Florida Lynn University, though not all of them are clear - some give some advantage to Obama, other state the slight advantage Mitt Romney.
            That is why both candidates immediately after the last debate, went for the votes, especially in the so-called "swing states," understanding  that they can play a decisive role in the last stage. Obama decided to spend the last election "hunt" in Florida and Ohio, Romney - in Nevada and Colorado. This is particularly important given the fact, that the electoral college brings the final result of the election (to win necessary 270 votes), which each state delegates depending on their size. At this stage of evaluation of the candidates assumption about who can receive more support from the electorate,  vary widely. For example, if The New York Times supposes that Obama has secured the support of 237 electors, and Romney - 206, then The Washington Post gives the President 255 votes, and Romney - 206.
            According to historical statistics, debates four times decided the fate of the U.S. presidential election - in 1960, 1980, 1988 and 2000. And the gap between the candidates in these cases was minimal before the debates. After their completion, one of the candidates gained extra votes, which led him to victory. Did last debates decide the fate of the presidential election for the fifth time? 

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