Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Citizens’ Portal – the Open Government Partnership iniciative

www.my.gov.ge the portal's main goal is to increase accessibility to public services for citizens, simplify the procedures, enhance service standards and ensure the effectiveness of government agencies. Portal brings together different state services, from totally different structures in one-space and available for any interested person.
Portal has launched by “data exchange agency” since May 2012.  In September 2013 the public portal integrated up to 50 public services up to the 80 utilities. The portal also added an online business registration module, from which the citizen can register business and receive the relevant documentation. The portal also allows citizens pay fines, debt or even utility bills.
As portal is very usercentric it is not mandatory to have information about the service provider agencies or organizations. It is enough to know what type of service citizen wants. Services are grouped thematically.
In addition, throughout the portal citizens can directly communicate (submit letters, request information and receive feedback) to the public organizations under the electronic communication service. This module was launched in September 2013. In this process participate 60 public organizations, which currently have electronic proceedings).
Portal has well designed user help tools and frequently asked questions, information about responsible organization and useful links from which user can access to international organizations and domestic public and non public organizations
Based on above mentioned portal functionalities and capabilities can be concluded that as the portal allows citizens to use state and private agencies on-line services from any country, home or the office, significantly saves citizens time and financial resources.
Finally I think this portal is one more successful step for government becoming more transparent, more transparent, accountable, innovative and open to citizen participation, through e-government services.

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