Sunday, November 8, 2015

Will social media landscape change in Korea?

As you might not know Cyworld, this was a legend of Korean social media history in the 2000s. Most people enjoyed Cyworld including me. This is similar to Facebook, and so some say Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took note of the platform when establishing the U.S.-based service. This was really attractive. Even a few people's lives were blighted because they spent too much time on enjoying it. However, nobody saw it coming. Cyworld started to sink and couldn't be recovered.
Nowadays, KakaoStory is the most popular blog in Korea because Kakao group is the most dominant player in a mobile messenger market in Korea and can use the its monopoly power.

According to the article linked in below, the reporter asked, "With Cyworld recently making a dramatic comeback, the domestic social media scene possibly faces another change. What will be the next game-changer?"

In my opinion, this will be really challenging for Cyworld. In 2000's, the most important reason that Cyworld dominated the Korean blog market is that it was the first and nearly only blog platform provider at that time. But nowadays, blog market was perfectly changed in Korea. There are many blog platform providers in Korea. Many people already use other blog platforms such as KakaoStory, Facebook and NaverBand. In order for Cyworld to make a success story again, it should make a attractive difference from other blog platforms but I guess that it wouldn't be an easy task because people tend not to change their usage style easily.

Nevertheless, I would like to support Cyworld's comeback because I had been a crazy Cyworld user and I miss it.

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