Saturday, November 7, 2015

Social Media News Article: Why people quit their ‘beautiful’ social media lives

The Washington Post recently discussed the current trend of people quitting social Media. Former Instagram Model Essena O’Neill is one famous example, who abandoned her Social Media accounts after feeling trapped and finding herself to be more and more dependant on Social Media. Although having countless followers and being able to earn approximately $1,400 each for her sponsored Instagram post, O’Neill realized that her Social Media became increasingly time consuming. Realizing that she developed a strong need for approval from her followers represented by likes, O’Neill decided to warn her followers about the risks of the social media world. The article discusses further human relationships with technology and the potential risks. Scientists have expressed their concern regarding people measuring their own worth by the community in the social media world. In addition, the 2014 American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Industry states that there is an increase in plastic surgery among people under 30 due to having the „perfect selfie“ and the urgency of developing a perfect online persona. But like Model Essena O’Neill more and more people have been quitting social media for several reasons such as stress relief or  feeling social pressure. 
In general, the article takes a critical approach on the use of social media and its effects on society. But the article does not only take into account the negative effects of social media, but also the positive effects it can have on people if they use these platforms the right way and not as a self-affirmation tool. The article considers different perspectives and does present its arguments  accurately. I think the article points out the issues of social media in today’s society without exaggerating since it also does present the positive aspects. It should not be regarded as a form of criticism promoting to quit social media, but rather as a piece of advice that people should use social media in a responsible manner by being able to separate the online and offline world.


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