Sunday, November 29, 2015

Social Media in India

Recently I came across the webpage This webpage provides a very exciting statistics about “Social Media in India”. It appears the data has been collected from the “Global Web Index.” The key statistics, indicated on the website, is furnished below:
§  Internet Users: 350 million.
§  Social Media Users: 134 million.
§  Unique Mobile Users: 590 million.
§  Mobile Internet Users: 159 million.
§  Mobile Social Media Users: 97 million.

The website has also mentioned that Social media use continues to grow in India. The number of active users is increasing at a rate of roughly one every second. Facebook dominates today’s platform rankings in terms of monthly active users, but it’s worth highlighting that chat apps – and WhatsApp in particular – are already beginning to change the look of the social media landscape. Facebook recorded 28 million new users in India in the past year.  Overall, 72% of India’s social media users log in via mobile devices. It’s also worth noting that the average social media user in India is considerably younger than the global average, with more than half of the platform’s Indian user base aged 23 or younger. The numbers also show that men account for more than three-quarters of Facebook’s users.

E-commerce is still in its infancy in India. The value of online purchases in India totaled US$12.5 billion in 2014 (INR 81,500 crore) – less than 3% of the value of China’s e-commerce market. Encouragingly, however, more and more people are using internet-powered services to research products and purchase online. This number is expected to explode as mobile internet access, faster connectivity, and increased familiarity with online shopping combine in the coming months.

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