Monday, November 16, 2015

GCpedia, Intellipedia and Techipedia related...


Gcpedia is an internal wiki used by the Government of Canada, for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Its slogan is “People & Knowledge“. GCpedia is only accessible via the Government of Canada network and contributors must be on a computer on a government ( network to be able to access it. The user base is potentially 250,000 people, from over 150 departments and agencies. Users must be registered if they wish to add or modify content, so that all contributions are attributable. GCpedia has been used as a platform to take, publish, and distribute meeting minutes, to create project status dashboards, to collaboratively author interdepartmental papers, to brainstorm, and to create wiki-based briefing books.

This is a list of existing and possible uses on GCpedia:

  • Collaborate openly (within the Government of Canada) on a specific policy, document or subject
  • Create and share meeting agendas, minutes, documents, project status dashboards, or wiki-based briefing materials
  • Author interdepartmental papers collaboratively
  • Organize interdepartmental working groups and communities of practice
  • Share information, research, etc. that may be of interest to others
  • Organize via individual’s User Page links to their work on GCpedia and elsewhere, contact information, interests and experience, etc.
  • Discover existing work that provides a head start to current projects


Intellipedia is an online system for collaborative data sharing used by the United States Intelligence Community (IC). It was established as a pilot project in late 2005 and formally announced in April 2006 and consists of three wikis running on the separate JWICS (Intellipedia-TS), SIPRNet (Intellipedia-S), and Intelink-U (Intellipedia-U) networks. The levels of classification allowed for information on the three wikis are Top Secret, Secret, and Sensitive But Unclassified/For Official Use Only information, respectively.  The wikis are not open to the public. The three wikis that make up Intellipedia.

Intellipedia is a project of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Intelligence Community Enterprise Services (ICES) office headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland. It includes information on the regions, people, and issues of interest to the communities using its host networks. Intellipedia uses MediaWiki, the same software used by the Wikipedia free-content encyclopedia project.
  • The Secret version connected to SIPRNet predominantly serves Department of Defense and the Department of State personnel, many of whom do not use the Top Secret JWICS network on a day-to-day basis. Users on unclassified networks can access Intellipedia from remote terminals outside their workspaces via a VPN, in addition to their normal workstations. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) users share information on the unclassified Intelink-U wiki.


Techipedia is the blog of Tamar Weinberg. She has been working exclusively within the Internet Marketing and online sales industry since 2006. Though she also has experience with web hosting and technical support and can handle complicated WordPress installations and configurations with ease. At the present time, Tamar is the Chief Strategy Officer for Small Business Trends and community manager at domain name registrar and web hosting company Namecheap, in addition to other low-profile gigs as well as working alongside other companies in her own role as a digital marketing consultant, focusing primarily these days on social media customer service. (She calls this her “professional hustle.”). She is a community builder with a passion for all things tech and productivity. Tamar is also the author of The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web.

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