Saturday, March 28, 2015

India’s Social Media Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

General Election 2014 of India was the first general election in which social media used widely in India. Present Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi used social media very well particularly Facebook and Twitter. In his entire campaign social media has played very vital role and change the outlook of Indian politics. Earlier political parties thought that social media tools are wastage of time. Now senior politicians are using social media platform more than the younger leaders. Mr. Modi has been able to communicate more audience through social media even in small towns and his tweets became taking point among the people. Social networking giant Facebook said “29 million people in India have made 227 million interactions through posts, comments, shares, and likes about the elections from the day they were announced.”

Mr. Modi rank second after the US President Barack Obama in number of fan followers. At present his Facebook fan followers are 27 million and twitter follower base is 11 million. Use of the social media in India cannot be compared with US where more than 70 per cent of the adult population uses social media. In India out of 814 million registered voters, only 103 million voters uses social media, which is miniscule compared to India’s 1.3 billion population. However, it is important to mention here that social media has a great impact on the Indian voters. A study conducted by the Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) suggests that it not only influence the voter turnout but also sways the results 3-4 per cent. Main national parties are now gradually started using social media. Amongst the political parties BJP has highest number of the Facebook followers and it is 7.3 million only. Mr. Modi met Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg in October 2014 to assist India to brig the gap in digital divide. He also asked to find the ways how social media can play a positive rile in reducing the terrorism. Now a days terrorist organisation around the world are using social media platform to recruit young terrorist. Do you have any idea how social media can paly a positive role in reducing in terrorism?

Neeraj Srivastava

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