Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Impact of social media

I  was  astonished to know that the power and multiplying force of the social media  which was described by our guest speaker and also implicit from the Parenthood case study discussed during the session. The credit also goes to the group who formulated the questions very intelligently which enables us to unearth the real issue.

It was amazing to feel that how the social media could  create a wave of emotions around the world, which could not have been possible from the traditional media. The # BringBackMyGirl has really brought the high profile personality, celebrities in addition to the common man to the single cause. The  success of the social media could be measures in terms of actions taken or proposed to be taken by not only the national government agencies  but the international agencies in order to find the solutions of the problem. The problems has been amplified many fold by way of  creating a sense of urgency on the part the frontline agencies specially the security agencies to work together and bring the results expeditiously. The social media has really transformed the local issue into a global issue. This power has been generated by way of connecting the individuals and institutions altogether. 

The incident like kidnapping of the girls and violations of human rights by the anti social elements specially terrorist organization is not the new phenomenon. The new phenomenon is the bringing the entire world together for the same cause. The unity of the humankind has been possible by appealing and touching the  sensitive  area of the ‘emotion’ .

My main take aways of the case discussion was that how an organization could be forced to revert back their decision,if affecting the larger social goals. We have also seen how the ‘Komen’ was forced to change her decision of stoppage of grants. it was the force of all the stakeholders who were not happy with the decision as it was affecting the larger goals of women health. 

It appears that the social media has become a sharper tool to unite the people within the national boundaries or around the world for the social cause.In a strange case , it has been recently reported that the local authority are also under pressure to come up the exception of the people. The pressure has been created by the social media. It seems that the mobilization of the people opinions on the social and emotions cause has become very common in recent days with the help of the social media tools.

The message is crystal clear that social media could help in achieving the missions and objectives of the any organization either social, political or economic if the social media tools are utilized effectively and wisely. Further study needs to be taken to assess the power of the social media. It is a futile ground to carry out research in future......

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