Monday, February 2, 2015

Using Google Plus

I am writing this blog for my class in Social Media, but it is useful for anyone who is starting to use Google Plus. I am listing the important features and how to use them.

  • First you need to have a Google account that is either in Gmail or anywhere in the Google ecosystem. Once you have created this you only need to login and the HOME page opens.
  • The News feed : The Google news feed would look like                                                               

Using the HOME button on the top left  you can access your profile, upload photos, follow events or join communities. You can make new connections, play games or use hangout. Basically HOME leads you to your NEWSFEED.
  • PROFILE: This is what a person sees when they come to check you out. You can have a cover photo, a profile photo, your Youtube videos, things you have liked. It can be edited using the ABOUT tab. Another important feature is Google Authorship, switching it on increases your visibility when people search for you.
  • PEOPLE (CIRCLES) : Here you find people to connect with or those who are following you. You can create CIRCLES of similar minded peoples like a circle of friends, of relatives, of business associates etc.
  • PHOTOS: You will find all the photos you have uploaded either from your phone or otherwise here.
  • COMMUNITIES : These are like Facebook Groups. Here you meet people to chat. You can join the open ones or request the closed ones. They are categorised and are easy to understand. It is a great way of meeting new people of similar interests.
  • EVENTS: You can organise online video hangouts, online or actual events. It is further synced with Google Calendar for further ease.
  • HANGOUTS: This is a live video interaction amongst up to nine people. There are automated event notifications which can be synced to Google Calendar. The videos can also be published on Youtube.
  • PAGES: Businesses can create their own pages here and also link with other interesting pages from here. One can also create a page for a blog. Google Plus has a feature similar to Facebook for liking a page, this is called '+1'. Other people can '+1' your page but not your profile.
  • LOCAL : This is linked to your location and helps connecting to local businesses etc.
  • SETTINGS : Here you can manage your privacy, notifications, circles etc.
  • POSTING: This is very simple and intuitive. You go to either HOME or PROFILE Button and start writing whatever you want. You can use Hashtags just like Twitter. You can also tag people and post in specific circles of your choice. Interestingly every one of your posts will have a unique URL unlike Facebook and Twitter and this makes sharing very easy.
  • NOTIFICATIONS : You can set how you want your emails, posts etc. be notified and should look on you home screen.
  • RIPPLES: Very interesting way to measure how far your posts have travelled and to find out who  all are sharing it.
This is only a brief introduction of Google Plus. I am sure you all would find it useful.

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