Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Planned Parenthood is a very illuminative case for me and it gives a perspective about how social media strategy and tactics could play an important role in terms of delivering a vital message to the public. Komen’s position is a kind of excellent `don’t do’ list for the ones who has a management role in an institution. Among all, their ignorance of the power of social media is the most significant point for me. Although they made some efforts in terms of social media and they mainly rely on traditional media channels and press releases. Of course at the end they lost battle because they had to fight in a battlefield that they don’t know. On the contrary Planned Parenthood has long been surviving in this territory. They know their audiences, how to reach out them, how to mobilize and engage them into their cause, how to create content and push them. They’re so prepared that they even have story bank to use in need of emergency. This makes it very clear to me that there is no way to avoid social media even you don’t know or want to be a part of it. That’s why every agency prepare themselves to this new reality and welcome it.

Addition to other points we mentioned in the class, another noteworthy take away for me is the need to formulate, express and deliver a message competently and consistantly. Komen coldn’t create a clear and honest message. They moved in a zigzag manner. In my country we have a saying meaning of which is like “If the first button is wrong later is evitable will be wrong”. If you don’t position yourself in a right way it’s impossible to reach and engage your targetted supporters. As a matter of fact Komen’s donations had doubled from the previous year and its single day contributors had also increased but McGhee expressed concern that the supporters were largely supporting what they perceived to be an anti-abortion decision, not Komen’s mission. So the way they present their message resulted in touching unplanned and unintented audience.

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