Thursday, February 19, 2015

Social Media Strategies with Veronica McGregor

Veronica McGregor
We had the pleasure of meeting Veronica McGregor, News and Social Media Manager NASA Jet Propulsion, via Skype on Wednesday, February 11th. Transitioning into social media when the journalism field took a hit in the early 2000’s was what led Ms. McGregor to lead this social media expedition and venture into uncharted waters with NASA. These are the top 10 managerial takeaways of our discussion:
  1. Make sure your audience is well-versed in how and why you do things the way you do.
  2. Include a “Call of Action” in posts, be prepared to interact with audience as comments flow in, be consistent, and post regularly to keep followers engaged.
  3. Make every post count by being creative and catchy; do not use a shotgun approach as followers will experience posting fatigue.
  4. Negative posts are sometimes best handled by supporters of your mission. Some people are not going to change their minds, but it’s important to lead them to the correct information.
  5. Check out terms of service when deciding which social media platforms to embrace and ask for renegotiations to better align with your organization’s mission.
  6. Do not use same devices for professional and personal social media accounts; run posts past other people in order to check links and catch typos.
  7. Not all social media accounts have the same types of followers so segmentation is important when posting; using analytics to reach the correct audience is vital.
  8. Finds ways to get followers to interact with each other and become advocators for your mission by hosting events and “live” social media sessions.
  9. Give enough information to audience to make them feel empowered enough to go out and share it in order to eliminate rumors, conspiracy theories, and hoaxes.
  10. Move followers to different platforms as well as getting them to advocate for new programs through new “handles” or “pages.”


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