Monday, February 2, 2015


While there is absolutely no doubting the immense utility of social media tools to reach out, share and connect with others as an individual and organization, I'm beginning to wonder from the way people are using it, whether it is an overkill.
Now essentially, social media is a means for sharing information. The question to ask is; information for what? Information is a MEANS not an END. We want to share information in the virtual world with others in order to achieve something in the real world. We are onto so much sharing in the virtual world that leaves too little time for us to achieve something in the real world. First we need  enough time to achieve something in the real world that can be shared in the virtual world.
Look around the campus. There are any number of us pouring ourselves into the devices on hand. Connecting with someone not in front of us and mostly disconnected with those in front of us and / or disconnected with the environment around us. This is the pattern not just in the campus but any other urban place every where in the world.

One has to strike the right balance in time spent on social media and time required to achieve something in the real world. Fundamentally, we have come into the world to have a real experience of it, not a virtual one.
Social media also seems to be giving certain comfort level of anonymity to express views and stands, which we may not stand by in the real world, when the time of reckoning comes. Hiding behind the curtain of social media, it is easier to take stands, which we are not willing to abide by in the real world.

So social media should be used for what it is meant for and in a measure that appropriate to its utility.Having a sense of this judgement is crucial.

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  1. I had just read your post when I received an email from Tumblr with the subject heading: "5 Ways to Waste the Rest of Your Day." I agree with the basic premise of your post as it is truly important not to forget one's hard won judgement in the face of exciting digital technology.

    Oftentimes, there is a wide chasm between "can" and "ought."

    Finding a balance between the two moving forward will be very important. Thanks for your post.