Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Results of elections Delhi 2015 have defied all poll theories. None could have predicted the mind of common public who gave a thumping majority to AAP party- a political upstart. India has always been the biggest, most vibrant and robust democracy in the world. But the poll results to elect a government for India's capital Delhi, declared today, baffled all - the vanquished and the victors alike. AAP( Aam Admi Party i.e. common mans' Party) led by political novice and maverick Arvind Kejriwal broke all records and expectations to win 67 out of 70 seats in General elections to Delhi Legislative Assembly.
    The elections also witnessed the power of Social Media Tools. A team of 10 young students from IIT-B(Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay), who volunteered, like thousands of others to work for Arvind Kejriwal, carried out research to sense public sentiments on social media. They created a research tool with the specific purpose of tracing and catching  tens of thousands of social media posts to measure public opinion. The "Sentiment Analysis" tool probed thousands of social media posts and tweets and identified issues which were seen as "negative" by electorate so that AAP party candidates may veer away from them.The algorithm also identified positive public interest issues like "women's security" " free Wi-Fi " facility to entire city which the party highlighted.
   The roaring mandate also points out that Kejriwal will have to deliver his promises and good governance dream. The party which got a second chance by electorate in last 15 months. Huge majority is not a blank cheque. Excessive expectations need to be filled by  tangible results and not by excuses. 

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