Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Social media are such great achievement of mankind’s intelligence, and a very effective tool of the individual or institution’s activities in getting connected and promoting their images. However, be careful or you can easily get addicted to surfing social media websites.
 Several months ago, when I was busy with last semester’s final exams, I also got addicted with news feeds attached to Facebook. For some reasons, several newly established were added into my liked pages, and new posts were automatically displayed in my Facebook homepage. To make things worse, these posts were all “cabbage news” about social scandals, showbiz, new fashion styles or some dirty political maneuvers, which are too tempting to read. And as like propagation mechanism as the social media is, one post would take you to a wide range of other posts.
And can you imagine the consequences? After 30, or even 15 minutes studying, I couldn’t help picking the cell phone up, surfing Facebook to see if there were any new stories posted. And again it took me more than 30 minutes to read over all new posts, which were longer than my studying time. Oh my God, such a time consumption. I tried several ways, including taking the study very seriously or leaving the cell phone out of my hand’s range, but it couldn’t help!
One day, deciding to edit my profile, I just went through the list of my liked pages. I realized that there were a number of liked pages that I never liked, or knew about them. It might be added automatically to my list when I opened the link on my friend’s page. Among those strange pages, of course there are some “cabbage” news pages, which distracted me from studying for so long. Without hesitation, I removed those pages from my pages.
Unexpectedly, the tempting news feeds have never appeared on my Facebook page since then, and saved a lot of time for me!
That is my own experience. If you are addicted to social media pages and can’t do anything to abstain from it, just do what I did. Check your news feeds and followings to make sure that there’s nothing tempting and distracting.
But just do it in busy time. If not, enjoy the superior that social media brings to us.

--- Trang DANG ---


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