Sunday, February 1, 2015

Facebook Tool Presentation

Hi everybody!

In the next class on 02/04/2015 we are going to learn two new social media tool Facebook and Google+. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website launched by the Mark Zuckerberg and his friends at Harvard University in February, 2004. Initially it was limited to members only. Now it is opened to all of age 13 years and above. After registering one can send message, upload photos, videos, invite friends etc. Facebook provides a small window for chatting with friends, family members and others who are online. You can also create your closed group. Voice calling and video calling facilities are also available. Through its ‘like button’ one can comment on the content posted on the Facebook. You can use Facebook on your mobile phone also. Now most of the phones are coming with the Facebook application. Friend finder feature is also available in the Facebook and you can search your friend with his e-mail address and name. Advertisement facility is also there in Facebook which is very cost effective. People can enjoy various entertainment facility including games.

Now many Government Organisations are using Facebook as a social media tool to reach citizen as a large as well as to the other Government organisations. By use of such kind of social media tool government can improve its service delivery significantly. It is going to benefit manifold in terms of speedier knowledge sharing, speedier access to internal as well as external expertise, collaboration, reduced internal communication cost etc. I presume that most of the classmates have their Facebook accounts. However, those who do not have Facebook account kindly open it. Opening account is not difficult and you can open it in few steps. We will be uploading background material on Google+ also.

Neeraj Srivastava

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