Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DoI Social Media Strategy

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It has been very entertaining and educating to read the comments  and views on the various issues.
I was very excited to hear our guest speaker on DoI. Therefore, I have also tried to reflect some of the issues which I think are very relevant for all of us which specially required to to be considered while writing our research paper.

It was very interesting to know about the Digital Strategy being followed by the Department of Interior, US. It must be very challenging to communicate with the large number of employee of more than 70,000.

It was really exciting to know how the organization has carefully planned its Social Media strategy and taken a cautious approach towards moving from one platform to another platforms.  We also heard about organization views onSnap Chat. What I could not understand how the the password for the Tweeter account having 25,000 followers was lost and finally interim announcement was made that the same is not being followed.

However, It is very very heartening to know that how effectively the Facebook having 99,000 followers  is being utilized where the large amount of images , videos are being posted without facing any difficulties of the traffic congestion. The organization has been effectively using the Social media and uploading videos for the purposes like live events, live chats and promotional events. The use of Tumblr has been also very useful for the organization where 73,000 users are actively engaged with the organization activities. The organization is using the Instagram account for building their brand image. The use of hashtag  such as  # Monuments has been very beneficial in covering the events among the audience groups.

The unique selling proposition ( USP) of the organization have been the posting of unique images such as Beautiful pics of sunset , Grand Canyon,  brave pics of firefighters etc. Its very interesting to know that how the other news agencies   such as CNN , Washington Times, Times of London etc are using the social Media as a source for relevant inputs in their news items. The speaker was very particular about sharing his 4 and half years long experience about the Social Media. His personal experience was that the ' content is the king.' He further stressed upon that proving those kind of content to audience which they can not find anywhere else. That was the crux of the content issue which are the driving factors for pulling the audience towards the department social media sites without much efforts. This can be easily done if we could identify our target audience carefully. This is, in fact, the fundamental for formulating any policy or strategy for any organization. The audience could be easily associated with the content if the content are full of videos and photos which makes the content lively and attractive. The time is another crucial factor which was told as indeed the essential ingredient for successful implementation of the Social Media strategy.

The speaker further clarified that the strategy must be in synchronous with the goals of the organizations. The DoI has been using the social medial as a plat form to reach out not only to the maximum number of people but also with the other stakeholders such as Scholars/ Experts and other Scientific communities, Environmental group, Energy group etc. The organization have been using the different social media platforms for the different purposes. This is the key for the any organization  intended to achieve certain objectives.

The one of the success factor for the department must the provisions for the dedicated staff for the managing the various activities systematically. For example, it was shared that a team of 5 member is working for this purpose only each one as strategist, managing engagement, videographer, event photographer and content specialist. The site development work was locked after by the contractor.
Another interesting brought to our notice that content was mixed in nature and it was further amplified with the help of the content shared by the public during the contest organized for various purposes.

It appears to me that organization is not very systematic in record or archiving amazement. However, the use of the consultant to operationalize the social media  strategy found very useful. Sometimes it may be necessary to get outside support specially when the internal capabilities may not be up to the mark.

Please continue writing about your views and comments......

           This Week at Interior February 20, 2015          

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