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 Kisan Call Centre

The Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India launched Kisan Call Centers on January 21, 2004 across the country to deliver extension services to the farming community. 

The purpose of these call centers is to respond to issues raised by farmers, instantly, in the local language. There are a call centers for every state which are expected to handle traffic from any part of the country. Queries related to agriculture and allied sectors are being addressed through these call centers. At present 25 Kisan Call Centres are functioning throughout different States of the Country and answering the farmers queries in 22 local dialects from 6 am to 10 pm on all 7 days a week..

A farmer from any part of the State can contact the Kisan Call Centre by dialing the toll free Telephone No. 1551 or 1800-180-1551 and present their problems/queries related to farming. The calls are picked up at KCCs located in 25 locations across the country by agricultural graduates (at Level–I, KCC) who after a short welcome message take down the basic information about the farmer and the details of the query.  The caller’s details, the query and the reply are fed simultaneously into the computer database maintained on a server, which is used to generate Management Information System (MIS) reports.  This database is made available to the policy makers at the national and state level at regular interval. Current records speak that 98 percent calls are answered at Level I. In case the Level – I expert is not able to answer the question, he forwards the call to the concerned Level-II experts through call conferencing mode. 

The Level–II experts are the Subject Matter Specialists (SMSs), located in State Agricultural University/ ICAR Institutes/Departments like Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Husbandry etc. Level-II experts are available on all working days during working hours. If the calls are related to policy matters and/ or could not be answered by neither L-I or L-II, then the questions are forwarded to Level III through e-mail and the answers are passed on to the farmers by post or through a return call.

Monitoring And Review

For successful functioning of Kisan Call Centers, there is a need to monitor and review the various activities of the KCC by the Nodal Institution on regular basis. The Nodal Institution is responsible for documenting the daily activities of the Kisan Call Center at various levels on farmers’ queries and their resolution, availability of Subject Matter Specialists, call dropouts and their transfer to Level-III and response to the farmers within 72 hours. The Nodal Institution will also organize fortnightly meetings with the Heads of Departments of Response Centers for first 6 months to ensure the proper identification and placement and changes if necessary of Level-II functionaries and resolution of the queries shared with Subject Matter Specialists and their documentation. Subsequently, these meetings will be held every month in Response Centers on rotation.

The Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Govt. of India will review the functioning of all the Kisan Call Centers with the Heads of Nodal Institutions every month to start with for first six months and subsequently for every quarter in each of the Nodal Institution on rotation basis.

Documentation And Reporting

The Nodal Institution is responsible for documentation and reporting. The Officer In-charge of the Nodal Institution will gather the reports from the Kisan Call Center / Response Centers and prepare a consolidated statement on farmers’ queries and answers, crop / enterprise-wise, along with the resolutions given at Level-III and report to the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), Govt. of India through e-mail on fortnightly basis.

All the proceedings of the Kisan Call Center will be documented by each of the Nodal Institution and shared with other Kisan Call Centers for preparing a database on crop / enterprise-wise and also to prepare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

IKSL- Encouraged by the popularities of Kisan Call Centres , a Company IFFCO KISAN SANCHAR LIMITED was formed in April 2007 by the Indian Formers Fertilizer Corporation Limited (IFFCO) in joint venture with Telecom provider Bharti Airtel and a NBFC, Star Banking Company with a purpose to promote rural communication with value added services, in which Agriculture graduates from Rural areas encouraged to establish call centres through which IKSL used to educate farmers and provide useful information and provide livelihood to the unemployed youth through selling fertiliser/telecom product through these centres. In this model, IFFCO provide content support, Telecom Company Bharti Air Tel provide telecom infrastructure and NBFC used to extend financial support to farmers is required. As per IKSL annual report, the company broadcast 86096 message to active1,00,783 VAS users, answered 76573 queries, arranged 504 phone in expert program, 653 quizz program and also generated revenue of 2313 million with a profit of 106.8 million.  

The Department of Agriculture entrusted to operate the Kisan Call centres to IKSL wef from 10th February 2012. The IKSL further upgraded the Kisan Kall Centres infrastructure and same was re-launched wef 1st May 2013. The restructure KCC are now more professional  with following  technology innovations-

i)                    Voice/media Gateway (IPPAX based  decentralised system)

ii)                  Dedicated MPLS leased lines network with dedicated bandwidth.

iii)                SMS to farmers providing a gist of advisories given to them on phones.

iv)                Voice mail system for recording farmers queries during idle time of KCC or during  call lines busy, with provision for call back to callers.

Presently 8-9 lakh calls are handled by the Kisan Call Centres in a Year.


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