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 a unified public information database: was launched in 2012, where citizens can easily access public information, which is sorted under thematic sections. The same web site allows visitors to request public information online. The rationale behind this project is to simplify the task of locating information among numerous entities for individuals. Everything is available on the same web site. 

Main functionalities 
The allows citizens to request public information from home or in the office, as well as to send different public organizations any kind of electronic mail, requests and / or complaints online and receive an answer. 
Besides above-mentioned citizens can access information about: healthcare and social security, E-government services, legislation changes, employment, state economy and trade, business and taxes, education and science, sport and youth, truism and culture, transportation system and so on.
Also it is important to note that as this web site is accessible in English tourists can find very useful information from truism and culture – what to do, how to plan, what to see and other practical information.

Current analysis:
 The Web site mainly is navigation portal as citizens can connect with any public organizations from the site.

Still does not exist all public organizations datasets.

Still does not work citizen participation  fragments, for example petitions and blogs.

Citizen can collaborate with solving different public problems and issues, such are – fix my street, costumer service, safety in your neighborhood and so on.

Almost all public information is available on the website and is transparent for any citizens.

I think this site is user-friendly and user centric;
Customer can access information as in Georgian as well in English.
The Web site has very flexible and comfortable mobile version.
Information which costumer can find on the site is updated and accurate.

Additional information you can find  on

Based on "Open Government Partnership" action plan by the and 2014 the Web site will cover all public organizations and implementation process will be finished by 2015, 


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