Monday, April 7, 2014

Digital Government Strategy - #1 Obstacle: Funding

In 2012, President Barack Obama implemented a Digital Government Strategy.  The federal government has been taking steps to bring services into the 21st century by way of the use of information technology and data, modernizing the IT infrastructure and closing the gap between the public and private sectors.   However, two years later 94% of government and industry decision makers who were surveyed agree that creating a digital government is beneficial, but 75% say they lack the proper resources to enable a successful strategy.

So what are the obstacles to a Digital Government?  Number 1 obstacle is funding followed by training and then communication.  IT budgets are not comparable to organization’s digital strategy.  Add in the aspect of the government strategy not being well defined and not communicated in ways employees can easily adopt and you have just added more to the obstacle listing.

The best method to achieve the digital objectives of a digital government is through collaboration between public and private companies.  Methods already deployed in document management, customer servicing, transaction processing and data analytics solutions can be shared and improved upon through collaboration.

We can get there….to a digital government…it is going to take money, time and the right people.

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