Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blog #5 Using WeChat in Chinese Government

More and more Chinese government agents are using WeChat as a tool to communicate with the public and provide public service. In September 2013, there are already more than 3000 governments agents open their account on WeChat, including the Supreme Court, the State Council, etc.

Compared with Weibo, WeChat provide a better way for interaction between individual and government. Besides public posts, it also provides a way for “one-to-one” communication, which cares more about privacy, accuracy and efficiency. Thus, it can provide all kinds of services that related to personal information in time, such as the process of visa application, the account of social security, etc. It can also get more information from the public, such as clues for the police. Besides, it can combine payment system to provide services such as collecting water fee, traffic fine, etc. These services are not appropriate to be provided on Twitter or Weibo, but can work well on WeChat.  

One of the most successful examples of Chinese government agent using WeChat is Guangzhou Police Department. If you follow it, you can not only get the latest police reminders in words, pictures and audio, but can also deal with some real problems by WeChat. For example, if you have a small traffic accident (no people injured), you can just take pictures of the scene, send them to the WeChat account of Guangzhou Police Department, make an appointment to deal with this accident, and then you can leave without waiting for the police to come. With this service, Guangzhoug Police improve their speed to deal with small traffic accidents from 60 minutes to less than 25 minutes, which effectively solve the problem of accident caused traffic jam.  

With such potential to development, WeChat is now contained into the evaluation system of Chinese government online performance. It is an important step of Chinese government, and we are looking forward to its development.

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