Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blog #3, EMAZE: Attractive Presentations

EMAZE: Attractive Presentations

Hello dear classmates,

in this blog I would like to share about my experience in preparation of presentation. On November 20 me, Oleg and Muhammed Emin presented our social media strategy for the Moldovian Ministry of Transportation. After receiving your evaluation I noticed that many of you liked and were amazed by our presentation, the only one small weakness was the lack of light on presentation itself. Actually, there wasn't any problem with the light of presentation. There was a mistake that we didn't switched off the lights in the classroom so the presentation will be shown more brighter.
Anyway, all we know how to use well-known the PowerPoint tool and some of us know about Prezi. However, in the web there is also comparatively new tool for presentations called Emaze, here its website I prepared our presentation by using Emaze's template. 
The main advantages of an Emaze are: 1. ease in use, 2. creating in 2D and 3D formats like in our presentation. 3. storage online. 4. Emaze offers many attractive templates. 5. It allows group work and edit on presentation. 6. No need to carry and save the presentation on flash disks and so on.
Finally, if you wish to watch again our presentation you can see through this link:

Thank you.

All the best,

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