Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The cost of Twitter follower

We talk a lot about measuring social presence and determining who is "popular" on twitter by their follower base. I am not really into twitter and obviously I don't have many followers. But what If I wanted (or you wanted) to cheat and gain some extra followers in order to look more "reputable" in the online world.

Photo by:  Dustin Diaz
First things first - I went directly to mr. Google and searched for buy twitter follower. 300 million results. Not bad. That means that there is a good market for that and perhaps this market has been driven by a demand from the online community.

It turns out that this type of service has been there for a long time now. Twitter Follower Service - is the official term for it and there are hundreds and perhaps thousands service providers in this business. The site that caught my attention was buytwitterfollowersreview.org - it basically gives you the Top 5 service providers with the review and pricing. Being a student you always pay attention to the price and try to get the most out of your dollars. It looked like buyrealmarketing.com had the best deal and I started to look at the pricing. So 1000 Twitter followers will cost you only (drum rolls) $9! It is not even a cent per follower! Pay securely with Pay-Pal and within 2 and 4 days you will have 1000 additional followers. Of course it would not generate any re-tweets and engagement - just numbers. But did't we decide to go for numbers only?

The same website can also boost your Youtube video views, Vimeo video views, Soundcloud plays and Pinterest followers, likes and repins.

Another question would be whether we should do it or not? I personally think that It is not a good idea but as i said, i'm not into twitter. Some people might feel they need it and for those there are plenty of options. But my advice would be - Don't Rely on those numbers. The practice shows that the numbers don't stay there long and over time those accounts are either deactivated or disappear.

In my next post I will try to do the opposite - will try to identify the fake followers of people with large follower base. Stay tuned...

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