Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blog #1: Open Innovation Examples & Articles about them

Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples

After some readings from Blackboard I was impressed by possibilities of crowdsourcing platforms and I found these following two websites, where you can find valuable additional information:

 1. Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples: 

2. Top 10 articles on Open Innovation in 2013: www.openinnovation.eu/07-05-2013/768/

Here I would like to compare principles of Open and Closed Innovations:

Closed Vs Open

Principles of Closed Innovation
Principles of Open Innovation
Talented people with expertise in their field are work for our organization.
Not all talented people working for our organization. We need to interact with talented people, active both in our company, and its outside.
To profit from our Research & Development, we must invent something by ourselves, develop it to the level and bring the product to the final result.
Significant value can create external
R & D, internal R & D are necessary to get some of this value.
If we make the discovery ourselves, we can first enter to the market.
To make a profit we don’t need to carry out research itself, which is based on their results.
The company, which brings innovation to the market first, will win.
Creating a perfect business model is more important than the first exit to the market.
We will win if we will create the most of industry’s best ideas.
We will win if we will use the both best internal and external ideas.
We must well control our intellectual property against competitors, who can use our ideas for their profits.
We should profit from the uses by other of our intellectual property, and we have to buy the intellectual property of other companies each
times when it fits into our business model.

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