Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Expression of Gratitude-Learning on social media with enormous opportunities

Expression of Gratitude

Learning on social media with enormous opportunities

I am submitting my last blog on my learning experiences on the web based social media technology. Our mind is only responsible for our growth or limitation. Before joining this class, I have prejudices about the social media and was not paying heed on the learning opportunities available in this field. After joining this class, the way our professor introduce the subject and the way she developed the learning opportunities are really amazing and eye opener to me.

Her selection of reading, subject selection for assignment and speaker selection for the class are really very calculative, interesting to learn and experience. The teacher within me has been highly influenced by all the tactics and enriched me. At the last, I would say that her first condition of bringing laptop or tablet in the class has created more opportunities for me. Last project compels us to look in to all the central theme we learnt.

The social media tools, its presentation by each group, the way all the sector of our real life i.e. state, market (economy), and civil society organizations are optimize their outcome while using the social media are amazing and eye catching.

I have come from India and the way I maintain my contacts their using this technology, say Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Line at almost no  cost are all learning process and realize the capacity lies in the social media.

At the end, I would like to share, every technology has its pros and cons. It is depend on us- the human being- how we use this and all other technology.

Thanks Professor Ines Mergel, Maxwell School, and Syracuse University, Government of Gujarat, Government of India, the citizens of India and my colleagues for your contributions!

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