Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The social media tactics for Governments;

           As we see from American Red Cross experience, human recourses, time and cost can be seen main challenge for organizations. The case of American Red Cross raises several questions as; do organizations really need formal social media training for its employees? Before jumping into social media, should organizations persuade employees about why we need to social media?

           For dealing with human recourse issue, I think formal training process can create unnecessary administrative burden for governments. Instead of formal training or appointing one person for social media implementation, governments should create a team which consists of voluntary employees who already interested social media tools. Training cost can be decreased by using “learning by doing” approach as we witnessed “Wake  Country” experience  last week.

            In terms of purpose, social media  one might ask another question like what is the measure of social media accomplishment. Can number of audience be measure of social media policy achievement? Government should seek out real audiences who have profile which are compatible with governments’ mission. In order to get real audience, Governments should pick appropriate social media tools. In other words facebook or twitter should not be best option every time. Lastly for engaging of audiences, content is very important? I mean, sharing materials should be worth for sharing.  Government should list their recourses according to what we can share and what we expect from our audience with our sharing content.


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