Sunday, October 20, 2013

Public Private Partnership
Everywhere there is a talk of public private partnership. That is a good idea, but this partnership should not be taken as a partnership in investment only. It should entail partnership in ideas also, and to have partnership in ideas, social media is perhaps the best way, easily available as well as affordable. Social media facilitates access to government and creates new possibilities for community driven initiatives. It is for the government to encourage a culture wherein the citizens come forward and share their views for development as well as for solutions to problems facing the government and the public alike. These views are important because the dignitaries formulating public policy may hardly take the views that commoners do. The policies formulated taking into consideration these views are less likely to fail, because these views combine widespread exposure to developmental issues/problems with necessary wisdom. Inputs from citizens who know the ground realities are invaluable. The governments also, like corporates, can hardly afford to go for trial and error. The more the failure ratio, less the trust of people at large in the incumbent government. Recurrence of failures proves fatal for any government. However, if people's view are taken into consideration in policy formulation through devices like social media, they would not take the failure as one on the part of government only, because they were also involved in the process. That way social media is an efficient tool from political angle also.

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