Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Make it easy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Government can use the social media!!

I think there is lots of hue and cry about use of social media in Government organizations. The very first question come to my mind is that really we need to think this much for it? I would like to say, "No." My reasons for that are followings.
  1. Every public organization need to talk about what they do, for whom they do and what are the achievements of it.
  2. For this purposes, every organization has its own resources, employees and processes. They spend good amount of money for these purposes.
  3. The social media provides free platform and networks for the same purposes.
  4. Every organization has its policy for the conduct of its employees and it has also controlled by some kind of disciplinary regulations. To prevent any misuse of social media by the employees, the said rules can be applied to.
  5. So far as misuse by the general public is concerned, the criminal and civil acts can be applied for the same.
  6. However, in order to make general public and employee aware, a common code of ethics linked with the provisions of punitive actions can be devised and uploaded.
  7. What is more important is change management in public organizations and wish and will of the top management as it requires some strategic change and decision.
  8. The so-called data management and its implications can easily be  reduced by the available technology.
  9. The most important issue is what should be made public? Where and when it should be made?
  10. The transforming the image of organization as responsive organization through social media has been a need now a days.
I would like to invite the comments of the reader of this blog.  Let us share for the public purpose and make life more beautiful. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. I agree to disagree
    let me know
    -what is experience of the developing countries,where e goverence and inter net has been deployed in public sector-is there any proof of public satisfaction and use of modern technology in government?
    2-Every thing must be thought 8in totality; one must remember that are we administratively ready to introduce such new thing?what challenges our public administration is facing today?where does such new concept becomes acceptable
    3-we have heard the line"gujaratis are bold to take initiative' the un said words are we are not firm for maintain or our consistency 9is not praiseworthy-we must not forget that before checking status of our web sites and its up date process,we should not put a step forward
    4 how many people in india are used to with social media?at how many places Wi-Fi connectivity is available? How many cell phone have net facilities from service provider? How many have basic facilities like house/food/education etc-
    5 every one likes facility to get connected but we are suppose to think about nation's priorities too
    6 let me know-what is the cost of providing such facility to public?[for one organization suppose municipal corporation
    7-can any one tell that after going to social media theory, the value of service provided by public sector has gone up?[that too in developing countries having 100=million population?
    8 in this world so many things are n8ice,but,the fact 8is we can not have every thing in our hand-by the way, in Gujarat, information department is having it's social media connectivity and government has not remove the block policy on such sites!
    so,like reservation and corruption, this has only discussion value....