Monday, October 28, 2013

Importance of readings available on the SU blackboard

Importance of readings available on the SU blackboard
I am a student in Maxwell school and studying the public administration. In the beginning, I was not so sincere to read the different content available on the blackboard. But, after couple of class, I cultivated the habits of reading the materials uploaded by the respective professor and found extremely valuable resources to learn many subjects from one source, which we cannot learn in this short span of time.
Today I would like to share the same repetitive experiences with afresh zeal and enthusiasm. I read the article, “The Wiki and the Blog- Toward a complex adaptive intelligence community ” written by D. Calvin Andrus, Ph.D., Office of application services, Central Intelligence Agency, Washington DC as a part of my subject of social media in Government.
This reading has provided the in depth information and make me aware about the usefulness of Wikis and Blogs being social media tools in Government organization. The author has suggested using it in the intelligence as well as defense system. This is again an eye opener example for me being a leader of the Government organization and Non Government organization. The way he mentioned about the development, growth and utility of Wikis and Blogs while inter-linking the tools are worth to be read.
He cited the work done by the Lipnak and Stamps (1997) about the pre conditions to attain the success in the use virtual community, i.e. critical mass, trust, content and purpose that is worth to read. The principle of self-organization, information sharing, feedback, tradecraft and leadership are also very useful in the context of implementation of strategic use of social media in all types of Government organization.

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