Tuesday, October 29, 2013

blog post #3

Hi All - 

I came across this short article and thought it was very interesting to share and possibly talk about in class sometime. An "anonymous" interview gone public.... if you haven't heard about it, Michael Hayden was caught giving an anonymous interview on the Amtrak Train to NY - simply put, he was overheard and exposed on Twitter. He spoke about Obama's cell phone - the blackberry, and criticized the Obama Administration.  

So how does the government protect itself from "idiots" like Michael Hayden? 
How does the government account for all of the huge egos it employs? 

I think that when a government official has the ability to do something shady like this, it is a good indicator of their own personal values and morals. These are our decision makers, so how do these instances translate when it comes to policy making and national security? In a way this is a good example of how the rise of social media is making our government more transparent. 

"We now live in a world where we are probably more likely to be captured by someone using social media than to be caught by a surveillance camera."   Strangers on a Train


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  2. we will have to be equally care ful while we intend to introduce social media in administration-i personally feel that any person serving government is expected to follow discipline and conduct rules, applicable to him ,till he is in service-no freedom can have overriding effect on it.-use of social media is a welcome concept, but ,the prime focus of the organization and fundamental duties of the employee, can /should not be compromised at any cost.-