Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why we tweet

Why we tweet? Why we want to share what we are going through in our life with the strangers? Why we want to post our opinions about the world to the public, even if what happened was not directly related to or wouldn't affect directly ourselves? Why we enjoy retweeting without getting bored with it?

I have read an article talking about it, which I think is worth reading and I'd like to share with you here. The article's name is Why we tweet when we tweet when tweeting seems an odd thing to do. The link is as follows: When we share happiness, the happiness gets doubled. When we share sadness, the sadness becomes lighter.

In general, "social media is for social good". And we take advantage of it. 23h ago, President Obama had a tweet saying "When those voices are heard, you can't stop it. That's when change happens." That is probably one reason for why we fall in love with twitter, facebook, and blog, etc.

And now it seems that twitter has become an instant source of news in lots of peoples' daily life. People even use it to follow news on many of the major world events. Because tweet and retweet is much faster than other kinds of news broadcast by traditional media. And you can always learn from other tweep's opinion which may be very brilliant. Although they have to figure out what is true and what is not, they won't get tired of it. Because there are always some tweeps that people can trust and we are confident about our own judgement.

I have found some articles talking about "tweet rules". I don't agree with them all, but I also want to share them with you.

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