Friday, March 15, 2013

Who we are watching

Yesterday I have post a blog talking about social media in China and I have said that in China, there still a long journey to go for the social media and I believe it should be given a running-in period because we are not prepared and ready for a totally open social media. But the day will come and it is coming.

Social media! What we are paying attention to when we are talking about social media? The first question comes to my mind is who we are trying to watch and influence? The country? The government? The officers? Or actually the other citizens who have more power than us?...

If we ask ourselves, are people really born equal? The answer may be "Yes! We should be." But the reality may be the opposite. Yes, because we are equal as human beings. But no, we are not because the information asymmetry and wealth gap. That is part of the reason we need social media to help us, to have our voice heard and to make deeper influence.

If we ask do we have rights to supervise the government? The answer may be "Yes! We should have. And we are exercising our rights!"But is what we  have seen and learnt the truth? Are you willing to pay $500 to buy the government's 500 pages documents that you don't know whether it is what you want or not? But anyway, it is better than nothing. At least, you can try to figure out the truth from thousands pieces of information.

Until now, I think the most effective tool is till the media(TV channels, newspapers, e-journals...) Individual influence is still very limited, though the social media tools have helped to blow up and spread our voice. What we can do is making sustained effort and hold belief.

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