Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some follow up thoughts about SeeClickFix

I reported concerning about "garbage in subways" with a picture I took when I was in New York during the spring break. My experience with SeeClickFix is not so satisfying. But SeeClickFix brings with me a brandly new perspective. I have never thought that before... I have to admit that although there is a common phenomenon of "delayed response/fake response" (or maybe no response...) from the city, the idea of publicly posting what needs to be fixed is brilliant.

It is always hard for the government to exercise rights rather than duty. And it is also hard for them to exercise responsibilities than ignore or "avoid" them, because they can keep innocent or at least look innocent. A governor can always tell you that "Oh, really? I didn't recognize it. It's definitely important. You know that I care about XXX (maybe environment). I would have taken action if I knew!"

But now, it would be more and more difficult for them to do so. Because we can counter back wisely:"Why don't you create an account on XXX (Let's say SeeClickFix, haha)? You should at least have one minute to do so, since you are so kind and concerned with XXX... And you can know it in time next time!"

However, it's tricky in some aspect. You sure would prefer a concerned official committee. But we also don't want to overburden them with tons of information or issues waiting on line. "Emergency, necessity, big event first" should always be the rule of thumb. So on the other hand, try to be patient and stop arguing that "my problem first!", unless something else of little significance jumps the line and you have been waited long enough (no baseline though).

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