Friday, November 23, 2012

Social media in the public sector

       Characteristics of social media are quick information delivery, free expression of his or her thoughts, and the largest and most accessible form of mass media. Another important thing is that social media can be generous about some mistakes. For example, although the content of a posting proves to be wrong later, it does not matter because the tweet or the message is just his or her private opinion or it is a pound to a penny.

        However, what if a government official posts the wrong information on Twitter or Facebook unintentionally? Especially, what if it does great damage to many people? Maybe the official has to be responsible for the results caused by the misinformed tweet or message. This is the reason why many officials are unwilling to post information or messages related to their jobs on social media. Here are two ways for them to use social media as a useful tool for their works. First, officials should be cautioned that accuracy as well as speed is important to do with social media in the public sector. Before posting, they should verify the accuracy of information provided by them like they hold a press briefing. Although the process takes a great deal of time, it helps promote better use of social media by making many officials use the tools at ease. Second, it also may be good to form groups to exchange information on specific issues because they would feel freely to express their thoughts to limited policy customers before making new policies. Small mistakes are not really a problem at a stage of collecting various opinions.

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